Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Go West Young Man

I was recently visited by longtime friend, Dave Dewitte, and his 13 year old son, Calvin. Some of my friends may remember David as a business reporter for the Southern Illinoisan. He is now the Linn County business reporter for the Corridor Business Journal in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Calvin is a dinosaur enthusiast and wanted to go whitewater rafting with his dad so coming to Dinosaur National Monument seemed a natural fit for these two astute explorers. Perhaps Calvin was channelling R. L. Sanderson, a young news correspondent who had requested career advice from the infamous Horace Greeley, news editor of the New York Tribune, who in 1871 (same year as John Wesley Powell's second expedition down the Green and Colorado Rivers) wrote:
Horace Greeley
So many people ask me what they shall do; so few tell me what they can do. Yet this is the pivot wherein all must turn. I believe that each of us who has his place to make should go where men are wanted, and where employment is not bestowed as alms. Of course, I say to all who are in want of work, Go West!
And West they came. I arranged for them to both take the day long raft journey through Whirlpool Canyon in the monument on the Green River and to visit some of the wild destinations within the county such as the Sand Wash Horse Management Area.

Calvin Communing With The Wild Horse Herd
After a long search we found a herd of wild horses where fearless Calvin walked right up to the herd for a wild photo opportunity. He approached closer, but for his safety we asked that he withdraw some distance for the picture.

At the Raft Take-Out Ramp
The guys had spent the same day on the river and made a visit to the famous dinosaur quarry where over 1,500 fossils were on display for viewing and hands-on opportunities.

Digitizing Dinosaurs

You Needed to Run Fast, Very Fast

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