Sunday, June 21, 2015

Arches National Park

April 6, 2015

I'm sitting here drinking my second bottle of Evolution Amber Ale. The company marketing correctly states that "The fossil record shows that beer alone is responsible for the evolutionary leap from ape to man". I passed on the brewer's other Utah product: Polygamy Porter.

I'm celebrating a great day that included signing my house sale closing papers.

Today was spent at Arches National Park where I hiked to six of the park's documented 2000+ arches.

The road through the park is spectacular!  Here's more pics of some of the best of Arches:

  • Sand Dune Arch: perhaps it might also be called fat wiener dog arch.
  • Balanced Rock
  • Delicate Arch: Access requires a 480 ft climb over 1.5 miles. Everybody had to get their group pic under the arch. I made my own route back to the trailhead affording some different perspective.

The most impressive hike was to view Landscape Arch: 306 ' long. A major section of the right side of the arch fell in 1991 and was actually photographed as it fell. Looking at the arch today, one would think it will fall at any moment. Look at the long horizontal crack running its full length.

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