Saturday, June 13, 2015

Westward Ho to Chimney Rock

March 20, 2015

Travelling from Sand Hill Crane country I'm following the pioneer routes of the California and Oregon Trails. Near Bridgeport, NE is found that cultural icon seen in so many B western movies, are Scottsbluff and Chimney Rock National Monuments. The latter was originally known by the Native Americans as E.P. (Elk Penis). Over a half-million walking homesteaders could see this western icon for over two days prior passing by heading towards the pass through the mountains.

It was about there that my prairie conestoga broke down Thursday with the dreaded "check engine soon" warning. I quickly had it and my failing emergency brake fixed by the wagon masters at Inland Truck in Scottsbluff. When done they offered me there secure lot to camp in that night.

I've got three days to drive 10 hrs so I am off Friday morning to Salt Lake City stopping where the whim and request of the dogs take me.

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