Saturday, June 20, 2015

WESTWARD HO Day 5 and 6

March 21, 2015

As noted earlier my day began with a rear RV tire blowout. The valve extender had been causing problems, but the night before the RV repair tech checked it out, properly inflated and said I was OK to go. I was 24 miles from any services in rural Colorado so I just drove slow and careful to the next town and had the spare tire installed. No tires were available in the needed size/ tread pattern.

1) I drove all day to arrive at my summer volunteer assignment at Gates of LoDore Campground. I met my NPS Ranger, Mike Beloit, and camped in the darkest, quietest RV camp I'd ever seen.

2) The last state highway sign on the narrow, winding, washboard road said "No services for 120 miles).

3) There may be an unknown vehicle bumper testing program in effect. I counted over 45 dead antelope or deer rotting on the road shoulder in a single 20 mile section.

4) Approx. Every 1/2 mile on the road descending to Craig, CO for 20 miles there was an oil or gas well with multiple storage tanks.

5) Wildlife was abundant: mule deer, antelope, elk, hawks, falcons, rabbits by the millions, snakes, and more.

6) The little doggies (prairie ) do get along.

7) The RV rides like a pogo stick on the worst washboard roads.

8) I will likely become a hermit this summer. There is zero cellular service near the campground. I may get my shortwave radio license this summer. I can buy satellite DISH TV if so inclined.

9) It truly is 1.5 hr drive over bad roads to the grocery store, health care and other services. Further observations about the beauty of this assignment and another story about RV breakdown will be forthcoming in the next post.

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