Saturday, July 11, 2015

Rangers, Remodeling and Retirement

May 21, 2015
Out of frustration with the unpredictable WiFi reception in the campground I just ordered a signal boosting radio, router (WiFiRanger Elite), and antenna, and 23’ portable/RV mountable mast that will allow me to pick-up signals from up to 2 miles away. Just as important, the Park Service management agreed to increase our internet service provider’s data limit because we are bringing on two seasonal law enforcement rangers that will be housed at the LoDore Campground for the summer. We receive our Internet feed via a satellite dish connection from
I also really need to do something about the telephone reception here, but it’s an expensive endeavor to have a fall-back carrier or also buy a cell signal booster system. Cell phone service is basically non-existent and we have to rely upon land lines that don't always work. I’m stuck in a Sprint/CREDO contract for many months. Even the Verizon MiFi gifted to me by Mark and Mary Million won’t work in this rural area despite having the best nationwide coverage of all the carriers. Only occasionally do AT&T cell phones work here. No other carrier serves this part of Colorado. The MiFi will come in handy when I plan to migrate to Las Cruces, New Mexico for the winter. (For the geographically challenged, New Mexico is not the same as Mexico.)
We just finished the remodel of the unused ranger bunk house, installed a new gun safe and composite flooring, and cleaned out the living area and garage so the first seasonal employee can start work today.
So, it looks like it’s becoming a testosterone-laden “All Boys Camp” here for the summer. I’m retired and these are three guys are all at the start of their park service law enforcement careers. I’m two or three times their age. Time will tell how that will play itself out.

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