Monday, July 13, 2015


Toad Haul Manor Journal - June 22, 2015

Here in Colorado’s high desert there are lots of rabbits, mice, voles and rats. I have to seal off all the cable entrances so that the tiniest rodents don't crawl through even ¼” gaps.

Ranger Richard’s patrol vehicle has become the favorite dinner spot for much larger, yet adorable 17” bushy-tailed woodrat. It brings its meal of green vegetation, seeds and fruit up into the protected space under the car hood and sleeps atop the air cleaner and battery.

Coincidentally, the vehicle has started having ignition problems. Go figure! As a result, I had to set out a live trap to catch him and his relatives. I've caught and transported four so far. These woodrats have litters of 2-6 once or twice between May and September. They normally make nests of sticks under logs or in a rock crevice On the first attempt, we caught him with a lure of peanut butter. I transported and released him a mile away with the hope he won't return.
Shown below are a couple pictures of our visitor. Adoptions are not available since this is National Park Service property.

Brushy Tailed Rat in a Live Trap #1

Brushy Tailed Rat in a Live Trap #2 (Aren't I cute?)

Brushy Tailed Rat in a Live Trap (Open the Darn Door!!!)

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