Monday, July 20, 2015

Tourism, Toilets, and Traps

It has been a busy month a the LoDore Campground. Weather has been great with most of the rain falling on either side of my campground. I installed an official rain gauge at the start of July and we've had less than a third of an inch in three weeks.

This is the peak season and I've been assisting four to five raft groups and up to eighty people per day launch their adventures down the Green River.  Dinosaur National Monument has actually seen a 12.7-percent increase in total visitation in the first six months of 2015. This is partly due to the great weather and marketing of the 100th anniversary of the creation of both the National Park Service and Dinosaur National Monument.

Visiting friends help those statistics too. Dave and son, Calvin, DeWitte are coming here for hiking and a one day float trip with me during the first week of August. In addition I get to accompany another River Ranger 3-day float trip this weekend, July 25th. I hope to take some videos on that trip.

Pit Toilets with Solar Lighting
When not working to help launch daily boat trips, I've been doing construction and maintenance projects in the campground. Recent projects have been a) the rain gauge, b) repairing the four photovoltaics powered lighting systems for the pit toilets and c) installing eight "Bear Boxes" in the campsites to safely store food from hungry animals: black bears, ravenous squirrels, wood rats, and zombie bats. Sorry, no pictures are available of them.

I've trapped and transported out of the area three brush-tailed wood rats and a couple pest squirrels that have been either tearing into rafter's dry bags containing food at the boat launch ramp, or making homes in the engine compartments of staff vehicles where they scratch out the insulation materials to make nests.

Double Bear Box

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